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Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
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About Us

Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is owned and operated by Doug and Bonnie Kittrell. 

This isn't Disney World, but our farm tour guests say it's one of the best and memorable experiences they have ever had!  Doug and Bonnie take their time to share with you their operation, farm, and beatiful animals.  Please do keep in mind they don't have any employees so if you're waiting on a call back or response to an email, you might need to be a little patient; they will respond once they are done with chores, herd health, birthing, training, giving a farm tour, teaching the 4H members of Loudoun County, processing fiber, or when they return from the farmers market.

Doug and Bonnie started raising alpacas in 2005 after extensive research and attending many educational seminars, such as:

  • Camelid dynamics - handling and training alpacas and llamas in a respectful and safe manner
  • Reproduction - at University of Pennsylvania, New Bolten Center
  • Alpaca Toolbox 101 - Husbandry, nutrition, reproduction, fencing, and barns
  • Neonatal wetlab - Identifying and correcting distocias, reproduction
  • Fecal Analysis wetlab - collectin fecal sample, setting up fecal test, and reading fecal result and identifying specific intestinal parasites of camelids
  • Showing alpacas - What judges are looking for in the conformation and fiber of the alpaca
  • FAMANCHA - Bonnie is Famancha certified from VSU.  You can also become certified.  Click HERE for an online certification.

Prior to purchasing their first herd of 5 alpacas back in 2005, they secured a farm at which they boarded and shadowed the owners and herd health managers to learn the proper care of the alpacas.  After boarding for just under a year and when they felt as if they were knowledgeable enough to care for our own herd, they purchased land with adequate fencing and barns for the alpacas.  Since then, they have grown their herd to over 40 alpacas and recently added llamas to the breeding operation.  Double 8 Alpaca Ranch is active in the alpaca & llama industry and is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA), the Greater Appalachian Llama and Apaca Association (GALA), and the International Lama (Llama) Registry (ILR).  All of the Double 8 alpacas and llamas are DNA tested and registered with AOA and ILR. Double 8 gives back to the community by being the host farm and volunteer leaders of the 4H Alpaca & Lllama Club of Loudoun County. A lot of volunteer hours are dedicated to providing education to local youth and helping develop future farm and/or veterinarian leaders in the community. Bonnie and Doug also help support new and seasoned owners of alpacas.  They will never turn anyone away who needs help. Raising healthy alpacas and llamas and sharing their knowledge of these beautiful camelids is Bonnie's & Doug's passion. And, you will feel that passion if you ever speak with them or visit their farm.


Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch is honored to be a part of the Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ program between Loudoun Economic Development and Take Loudoun Home.  In their own words, “Loudoun, VA Made • Loudoun, VA Grown™ strives to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Loudoun’s rural producers, including its farmers, processors and sellers, through increased sales and enhanced awareness of top quality local products.” Look for this logo on a lot of our products and the products of our neighbors and fellow farmers in the Loudoun community. We encourage you to buy local and support your communities and farmers!

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    Double 8 Alpaca & Llama Ranch
    13374 SR 671
    Purcellville, VA 20132
    Phone: (571) 577-8579