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Double 8 All Star Males

As the "boys of summer" wrap up another entertaining season of baseball, we can focus on the fun and entertainment of America's Favorite Pastime.


This break is a good time for us as alpaca breeders to reflect on our own "All Star" teams. From the veterans you expect to see every year, to the new up and coming stars, the formation of a sports franchise reminds me of the assembly and organic growth of a small farm breeding program.


Every team has its "Go-To-Guy"; the guy who you expect to come through in the clutch.  For Double 8 Alpaca Ranch, that "Guy" is FD PANTHER!  Our Number 1, starting pitcher, so to speak.  PANTHER's 4 Yr. Old  fleece was analyzed by Wini LeBrecque.  She was so impressed with Panther's fleece she took a sample with her to show what a slow maturing black fleece from a mature breeding male could look like.  Wini was impressed with Panther's crimp and consistency, but especially with his fineness.  By her estimation, using her fineness cards, she projected Panther's fleece to still be around 20-21 microns, which would be in line with his previous histograms.  Not too shabby for our 14 year old black veteran! 

UPDATE:  Panther has sustained an ACL injury, so he has been retired from the line up of herdsires.

A team always needs to be thinking towards the future.  So while today's hot-shot is winning accolades and has the media and press at his feet, the general manager is thinking about the young guns in the minor leagues.  Let me introduce you to our minor leaguers, Double 8 Hemi-Accoyo Mountain Do and Brookhollow's Midnight Express.  These two represent the ebony and ivory of Double 8 Alpacas. 

Mountain Do is a white Hemi-Accoyo boy with tremendous potential.  His fleece was selected out of 40 fleeces by Ian Watt as the "one to watch" in 2008!  He has not let us down, nor has he let down the judges; placing in the ribbons in all four spring '08 shows, including Blue!  This was also one of Wini's favorites as she reviewed all of our fleeces.  Mountain Do is extremely dense, has crimp that spirals out of individual bundles and is well under 19 microns.  He is also a well framed boy who weaned at 225lb.. He is a beautiful match of Hemingway, Caligula and P3 White Lightening out of our own dam, Honey Do II.

If you are interested in a breeding to one of the Aces on our staff, please give us a call at 703-628-1930.  Drive By Discounts are available.  Call us to find out more.

Another All Star- AOV Enterprising Encore
Another All Star- AOV Enterprising Encore

The Research has been done for you!

Encore is a genetic masterpiece!  His orgins are Caligula/El Nino, Vengador, Accoyo Elite / The Elite Maximus, & Hemingway.  These are some of the best white genetics in the industry, but Encore brings color to the table.  We encourage you to breed him to you colored herd to push these highly improved fleece traits into colored alpacas.

Accoyo America X Accoyo Elite/Elite Maximus Genetics - Click for his ARI

Encore Scored 19 out of 20 for consistency of AFD, Length, and Color at the 2013 VAOBA fleece show and 18 out of 20 for Fineness.  the fleece he wears proves out what the science tells us...

EPDs - Encore is the top 2% for AFD Consistency, Top 5% for Spinning Fineness, top 6% Fiber Diameter.

He will improve the consistency of AFD for 98% of alpacas and improve fineness for 94%

These are the genetics you need to put into your herd.

A Home Run Hitter! WLK Milano
A Home Run Hitter! WLK Milano

WLK MILANO is a 6X Color Champion Suri Herdsire.  He produces true black and the color of the dam.  He's conformationally perfect, with lustrous fine and dense locking fiber.  His temperament is super sweet and this is also passed onto his progeny.  He has his 3 homeruns right here at Double 8 Alpaca Ranch!  Come take a look!

NEWS FLASH:  Milano's son, Double 8 The Saint, took Color Champion as a juvenile at MAPACA 2019!!

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