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Double 8 Alpaca Ranch
Alpaca Research Foundation

Double 8 Alpaca Ranch donates to ARF

The Mission of the Alpaca Research Foundation is to encourage and support scientific research which benefits the North American alpaca industry, primarily in the areas of alpaca health, husbandry, genetics and fiber.


Double 8 Alpaca Ranch is an active member of AOBA


Everything you need to know about alpacas, fiber and fashion


Bonnie is an active member of the Camelidynamics Guild and is working towards her Camelidynamics Handler Seal.

Learn how to respectfully handle and manage your alpacas for show, herd health or day-to-day tasks.

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  • Alpaca Media Center - The Alpaca Media Center is an extensive list of frequently asked questions.
  • Livestock Supply, Equipment and Fencing - Jeffers Livestock has very competitive prices for vaccines and dewormers.
  • Useful Lama and Alpaca Items - Useful Lama Items is the trusted name in the alpaca and llama industry. Alligator Straps are among the most popular fasteners available!
  • Farm Equipment - Your neighborly Tractor Supply Company should be able to provide the farm equipment you need AND they carry livestock care products!
  • Health Information - Steve Purdy, DVM is one of the most respected experts in Camelid health in New England. The Alpaca and Llama Health Information link on his site offers valuable information for the beginner and experienced breeder alike.
  • AOBA Calendar of Alpaca Events and Classes - Check out all of the exciting opportunities to learn more about alpacas! Are you asking yourself or others if the alpaca business is successful? Would you like to improve your "business" of alpacas? Take a weekend to put your business plan in place at the Alpaca Toolbox MBA Workshop offered at MillCreek Farms in Sandy Lake, PA.
  • AOBA Calendar of Alpaca Shows and Fairs - Do you want to see an alpaca dressed as a Sunflower or in a Polka-dotted bikini? Then check out the local fairs where you might see a youth and his alpaca dressed for the Costume Class!
  • The Alpaca Registry - The ARI maintains the DNA database that certifies the pedigree of all registered alpacas.
  • Marty McGee Bennett - Marty brings a variety of experience and qualifications to her work with camelids, including a B.S. degree in Animal Behavior. Marty's combination of TTEAM, with the principals of balance and leverage and a second sense with both camelids and people make "Camelidynamics" the world's most popular, and enduring training/handling system for camelids.
  • The Camelid Companion - Handling and Training Your Alpacas and Llamas by Marty McGee Bennett - "Marty McGee Bennett is one of the most gifted animals trainers I have ever met. Her logical, intuitive and open-minded approach to bridging the gap between veterinary procedures and animal handling has impressed me every time we work together." - David E. Anderson DVM MS, Associate Professor Ohio State University
  • The Complete Alpaca Book by Eric Hoffman and contributing authors - Behavior, Diet, Fiber, Genetics, Husbandry, Medicine, & Reproduction
  • Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care - Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy, Prep for birth, Birth, Dystocias, Care of Newborn, Problems of the newborn, Care of dam, and First Aid and Cria Kit Contents by Bradford B. Smith, DVM, PhD, Karen I. Timm, DVM, PhD, and Patrick O. Long, DVM
  • International Camelid Institute - David Anderson, DVM - World Class Information, Education, and Support for Alpacas, Camels, Guanacos, Llamas and Vicunas
  • Llama and Alpaca Health  - These links lead to articles that may be helpful in keeping your animals healthy, or in recognizing and treating disease. Most of the links are to those written by veterinarians or specialists in some field, but a few are written by the general public. Many diseases or conditions may appear similar, so veterinary diagnosis is extremely important. As always, check with your own vet before trying a cure or medication.
  • Lama*Alpaca Veterinary Field Manual - C. Norm Evans, DVM - An expanded collection of articles with tabs for quick reference. Contains information on lama basics, immunizations, drug dosages, parasites, nutrition and more! Quick reference and drug dosage charts, along with baseline blood profiles and lama chemistry charts are most helpful. An excellent reference manual.
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