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Thursday, April 02 2009
 Elivra showed a 10 lb weight drop on Feb. 25th from her previous weight taken in January.  She was offered an extra feeding each day and gained back half the weight lost.  She was found lethargic on March 12 (laying around most of the day, and showed a decreased appetite) Blood work was run the following day, which showed an elevated WBC of 28 thous.  Our veterinarian prescribed antibiotics and a week later blood work was run again. Unfortunately, the WBC had climbed to 37 thous!  Another week of a different antibiotic was prescribed, but the 3rd blood work had shown yet another increase in WBC to 47 thous!  Elvira was admitted to Mid Atlantic Equine Hospital on Monday, March 23.  An ultrsound of her abdomen showed an excess of fluid in the abdomen. It was tapped, and tested normal.  An ultrasound of her liver showed spots, which was thought to be cancer of the liver.  Blood work showed an increase of WBC to 53 thous, and total protein slightly lessened than previous tests.  They inserted a catheter in Elvira's neck and prescribed another round of antibiotics, hoping that going IV would be more affective.  Near the end of the week's IV antibiotics, Elvira continued to weaken.  She could hardly stand and often stumbled.  She was being syringe fed a mash of pellets, calf-manna, timothy and alfalfa hay, which she glady ate.  She would tell us she  had she wouldn't swallow and the mash would just roll out of her mouth.  It was agreed upon by both of us and our veterinarian, that Elvira gave her best fight for survival, but she was beginning to suffer and it was her time to go. The decision was made to put Elvira to rest on Tuesday, March 31st.   A necropsy confirmed liver cancer.  Her liver was found to be a white firm mass with lobular surface.  The entire mestenery was seeded with white firm nodular masses 5 to 25 mm in diameter. The Gross Pathologic Diagnosis was Lymphosarcoma, Abdominal.  Thank you to the veterinarians who worked so hard in trying to diagnose and save our Elvria; Dr. Nancy Lee, DVM and the veterinarians at Mid Atlantic Equine Hospital, Dr. Rodney Belgrave,DVM and Dr. Dean Nealy, VMD Phd. 
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